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Life is so eazzy!, about the campaign

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Interview with the founder Daniel Stead about the “Life is so eazzy!” campaign.


What is “Life is so eazzy!”?

“Life is so eazzy!” is the slogan of our new campaign we recently launched. 


What does “Life is so eazzy!” have to do with Lini products?

As much as “Don’t be a maybe” has to do with smoking or an Apple with computers.


So why this slogan and not any other one?

There is a lot we can learn from children. They have a vivid fantasy and believe with lightness, that they can become anything they dream of.
With our campaign we want to nurture a childlike attitude to life, encourage to think positive. It's aimed to build self confidence and designed to shape bold and courageous personalities.

We add short phrases and take situations out of life to help you see life from a different (positive) angle, such as "Free tan from the sun!", "Your mom loves you!", "Ice cream 24/7" or "You are a genius!".

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Wouldn’t you expect that people would relate to “Life is hard!” more than to “Life is easy!”?

We think that it depends on your perspective or paradigm. We want to trigger a positive shift of paradigm. 


Why “eazzy” and not “easy”?

We like how it is pronounced. Like fizzy, nazzy, jazzy. A little more emphasised and relaxed. But we also want you to stumble over it. 

We also want to take the fear of making mistakes. If children don't know how something is pronounced, they give it a shot. Go for something is better than not doing anything. 


Life is so eazzy! 
Life is so easy!

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